The Academy

Welcome to the academy. You are now a part of the internet’s most comprehensive, content heavy education available on seller financing and creative single family investment strategies. Once you’ve completed these modules you will know how to market, negotiate, and identify the best deal for your needs. First gain the knowledge…then GO! Go out there and get the deals!

“Jump and the net will appear…”

Seller Financing Essentials

Strap in, it’s time to hit the ground running. The seller financing essentials module will give you all the information you need to market, identify, process, and purchase with some of the most creative strategies out there.

36 Lessons

Grant, Teach Me Something!!!

Every week at 11am CST, Grant Kemp from is in the #PropelioStudio attempting to teach Ryan all the secrets to having a successful #RealEstateInvestor business.

Negotiations Master Class

Learning how to negotiate effectively is THE most important skill you’ll need to succeed in your real estate career. After all, it’s no good having 100 leads if you can’t close any of them, right?

9 Lessons

Rules of Thumb

When it comes to seller financing, it’s important to have your own “Rules of Thumb.” In other words, you should have some guidelines you can keep in mind to help you decide whether or not to take on a deal.

5 Lessons

Real Acquisitions

An exclusive module, this series was created in partnership with That means only members of RA and CCF have access to it. It’s a great overview of the many different investing options you have, with solid gold nuggets of information all the way through.

28 Videos

Weekly Q&A

Come with questions in hand! Click here to watch live every Monday night at 7PM as we learn together and go over your questions.

Weekly Q&A Replays

Click here to watch the past weekly Q&A Events. Videos will be uploaded after each session within 2 days.


Check here for downloads and resources to help your career move along. You’ll find attorneys, contracts, practice sheets, contractors and much more!

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