Video Notes

  • How do you compute the new current principal amount on a loan modification? Please assume these values as needed: * Loan origination date: 3/26/2008 * Interest: 5.92% * Term: 360 months.
  • In general modifications lower the monthly payment correct?
  • What terms do you like to offer your private lenders on a long term deal where the exit strategy will be seller financing to a new end buyer.
  • Is there any benefit of taking title to a house subject to in a Trust vs a LLC?
  • Best place, tips, and tricks when it comes to advertising your sub 2 acquisitions that you are selling with owner finance?
  • Best source to find data of motivated sellers? I.e foreclosure, high equity, low equity, absentee, etc?
  • How does the property insurance part work if I pick up a free and clear property with seller financing and sell on owner financing? Do I have to carry the insurance for the entire term of the deal?
  • You found a deal and used a private lender to acquire the property and your exit strategy is seller finance. What terms do you like to offer your investors or how would you structure a deal like this?
  • Are you guys going to wholesale to us? Are you guys going to sell us subject2 deals? I’d like to fund every deal.
  • Best strategy for financing repairs on a house we’ll be buying subject to, but the house needs a lot of repairs, like $30K+ on a $150K ARV house? Private lender 2nd lien, or come out of pocket?
  • Since we were on the topic of loan modifications, what if your end buyer wants to pay more than their monthly due payment on a regular basis? Will their P&I be the same throughout the remaining period?
  • Is a lower price and higher interest rate better than a higher price and lower interest rate when selling owner finance and wrapping an underlying loan?
  • Is there an issue with selling on a wrap while having underlying 1st lien note taken subject to at an interest rate higher than the rate charged on your wrap around note?
  • How are you structuring the deal so when the buyer pays your PI and them the insurance and Taxes is not over the market rent?
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