Video Notes

  • Hey Grant. Hope you are doing well! Is it possible to do sub2 on a VA loan?
  • When you sell a sub-to property to a back end buyer, Texas property code requires you to give both the buyer and any lienholder a prescribed written notice of the new loan 7 days prior to closing. What is the best way to handle this requirement?
  • Could your draw out the proper naming succession when setting-up the insurance in a Sub-2 / Wrap scenario? I heard an interview (not yours) on Investor Army Podcast this weekend and it threw me off a little bit.
  • I was listening to a Propelio podcast and the hosts said that Loan Modification Agreements are actually second leans and not a modification to the original lien. Is that right? Aand assume interest is 5.92% with 360 months. Can you tell us how to estimate today’s principal amount on this house?
  • Question about your JV-with-me program: Where do you lay out the details of the various 20% shares in the deal? Thought it might be covered in the video, but ’twasn’t.
  • Question is what can you do instead of the mls for a seller who won’t sign over the deed?
  • JV for Sub To only or any other kinds of transactions?
  • Do you know of a note servicing company that the original owner can log in monthly and see that the mortgage payments are made on the property every month? I have a friend in San Antonio and he’s using this.. I won’t mention the name of the company here.
  • We have the property under contract. He had it on the mls for a year but it didn’t sell. Our lenders don’t like the numbers to close b/c its outside of Austin in a remote area. It also took months for us to get the title clear. We tried to get him to sign the deed over but now he doesn’t want to.
  • Please expand on the wholesale 50/50 comment, if you have time.
  • We have taken possession of the property and they couldn’t close 3 months ago on closing date. I gave him 5k to take possession. He’s not paying the mortgage company. He does have a mortgage and he’s very late on it.
  • So if they sign the contract and you go do the title search and its NOT free and clear, would you go back with an additional addendum to give yourself more time to clear it up?
  • How would you handle it if they swear left right up and down there is a lien with Wells Fargo on the property but there are no documents listed in the county website that shows any lien being on the property?
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