Video Notes

  • I’m sure this has been covered before, so I’ll keep it redundant. How do you address HELOCs in your negotiations when the HELOC is max’d out and the Seller is just making the interest payments?
  • How do you get the Mortgage company on a Sub-2 to stop taking out taxes and insurance, I’d like to get my end buyer to take care of this!
  • How do the Realtors get there commission on a owner finance deal? What if the buyer does not have the funds to pay for commissions?
  • I just closed on a sub to and the homeowners are planning on having a divorce. They were both on the deed and I got separate POAs for each. I intend on doing a wrap. Is there anything else in particular that I should do or pay attention to since the homeowners are getting a divorce?
  • When does a Sub 2 not make sense, even when there is a little equity? Can they be done on an FHA loan?
  • Mine is a specific question where the owners are a couple months out from foreclosure and are behind about $6,000. They owe 190,000, ARV is about 218,000. Their monthly PITI is 1,800, in an area where renting might not make sense. But their rate is 5.5%>>>. How to wrap this?
  • How are you paying off your private lender on wrap deals? Are you doing interest only or amortizing the payments. And can you please provide Information on coaching?
  • Does it cost lien holders money to go through the foreclosure process? If so, how much? Can you describe the process that they go through?