Video Notes

  • Just wanted to touch base and find out how I should talk to about my insurance needs when I close on my owner finance deals. Also I’ve been reaching out to the law firm you stated on your site, but they haven’t been able to get back to me. Do you know how much the title work and contracts that I need are going to cost me?
  • What disclosures or addendum do I need to include in my TREC that allows me to market the property for sale BEFORE the closing date?
  • I watched the “How to K the seller” again and its really in depth. As someone who can’t use those contracts (I’m not in Texas), what is the best thing for me to do? I think I have a decent purchase agreement, but your addendum A that you went through, I have nothing like that. Should my attorney have a document similar addendum A? I know she does sub2, would I need them from her to do this with the seller at the kitchen table? Also, if you are doing all this at the kitchen table what happens at the closing with the attorney?
  • Grant, As an investor who offers the creative buying techniques when it comes to buying houses. Are I-buyers like Opendoor..Redfin..and the list goes on….a legit threat to are niche? Why? Why not?