Video Notes

  • I have a quick question for you about head, heart, gut people as talked about in Chapter 10 on your online course. Do you have any scripts on how to talk to them, questions we should be asking? Grant stated that he would be discussing it more, but I didn’t know where to look. Secondly…
  • If we are a real estate investing team and buy the personal mentoring, does that mean only one of us can talk with Grant and go to appointments or does that include both of us?
  • Grant how are you approaching owner finance deals to probate leads? Curious about your approach.
  • Can you do a quick review on what is typical on a close. Abstract, title search, and expected closing costs out of our pocket.
  • Seller needs a new roof and got a check .. 4k. Supplies were purchased with that 4k and those sit in his garage. ​If all figures work out, 1. would you take down the deal with the old roof and then 2. how would you address the need for a new roof? Get new owner to do the repairs and price accordingly?
  • Grant, Do you go into deep education about the due on sale, loan remaining in seller name etc..when you are closing the seller or do you get contract signed and hand off to attorney to go over details.
  • Oddly enough, a new investor has a home here in CO. He is in WA. Wants to sub2 his home to me in CO to partner, learn, an share income streams. Would you do that or run for the hills?