Note: The stream was down between about 11:00 and 18:25. Answers start back up at 18:25.

Video Notes

  • In the two LLC system, do you set one up as your main company and then setup a different one for each property? Or do you just set up a second one to handle all of the properties?
  • How do you align a buyer at the same timing that you buy a property in a wrap around situation? What happens if there are gaps between those two time periods?
  • How does the math work out when you purchase a house for over the Underlying Lien value? Do you split up the payment to the seller and the mortgage company?
  • How would you structure a deal with a seller that has 0 to little equity?
  • What do you have to lookout for when wholesaling sub 2 deals?
  • How does closing costs work for sub 2 deals?

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